Stored query maintenance

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Please note: this page hasn't been exhaustively tested, so before you begin, it might be wise to do a quick export of all queries, which will write a file with all queries to your Downloads-folder.

You can drag and drop queries in the list below to change the order in which they are displayed. Once you are done reordering, click 'save new query order' to store.

Queries can be moved to and from groups, but groups can not be moved into groups. You can drop them there, but the result will not be saved. Moving the last query from a group will automatically remove the group when you save.

Adding a new group:

Please note: if you add a new group, an empty query called '(placeholder)' is created within it, for technical reasons. These placeholders will be deleted when you save the new order of your queries. If, at time of saving, you haven't moved any queries into the new group, the group will be deleted as well.

saved queries: